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Widi and Instrument 1?

I am attempting to get my Instrument 1 to function wirelessly. 

I am using the CME WiDi system - I have a Uhost and am connecting it to a Widi Master (that connection is working fine and tested using other instruments).  The trouble is that I can't convince the Instrument 1 that a connection is made.  No matter what combination of cables, adapters, and power supplies I have used so far between the Instrument 1 and the Uhost, the Instrument 1 just continually flashes the capo lights in the "searching for connection" mode.

I have connected the Instrument 1 directly and updated the firmware.  All the CME products have updated firmware and bluetooth firmware.  I have tried sending midi data back to the Instrument 1 from a DAW.  The lights are showing connection between the Uhost and the Master, and are blinking in response to midi data coming from my DAW.  But still the Instrument 1 doesn't go "see" the connection.  

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