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Can you add MiDi input option to the Editor?

Hi there. The Instrument 1 is awesome and I love how it works. Especially on Apple devices. However, on Windows, it and it's editor are held back a bit by the MiDi limitations. There is a fix though: It is possible to create virtual MiDi ports in Windows with LoopMiDi, which can then be linked with MiDi-OX. A quick search for "multiple midi inputs windows" brought up a tutorial by Tristan Calder that can be completed in a few minutes. It is very easy to do and makes it so you can use multiple MiDi outs while these apps are open. The only thing is the Editor doesn't have a MiDi input selector. So it would be fantastic if you guys could add this to the Editor, making it possible to use the Editor at the same time as other programs :D
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Good idea. As well as allowing users to add MAX for Live (Ableton Live) and program the keyboard with sounds based on their frequency.

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