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No sound with de artiphon app on a PC with windows

I received my instrument 1 this week. I installed the app on my windows 11 computer without any problems. When I connect instrument 1 with the USB cable, I hear no sound. I can select other instruments via the musical instrument with the rotary knob though. Instrument 1 fortunately works with Bandlab, but I would also like to use it with Artiphon's app. The latest firmware was installed. I have also already tried it on another PC with windows 10, but still no sound. Can you help me?


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Unlike the iOS Artiphon app, the desktop editor is just an editor and doesn't include any onboard sounds; it's just for configuring the many instrument and MIDI options for use with a MIDI-receiving sound source on desktop, which will then route the audio back to the I1 speakers and headphone port (if that's what you want, rather than taking output directly from the PC). You're not missing much from the iOS app; the built-in sampled sounds are perfectly ok and well-tailored to the I1's MPE, but can't touch the richness of MPE synths, especially on desktop. (ROLI Equator 2 or Studio Player is sensational.)
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