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Where is the Manual for the Chorda?

I am waiting for my Chorda. I hope to get it before Christmas. When are you going to post the Manual for the Chorda? What apps will be available on Android?

It's now up on the Artiphon support pages. It looks like a first version and you may find the Orba 2 manual will clarify some things that you won't find mentioned in this version (midi and bluetooth stuff etc.). (I imagine this stuff will be added to the Chorda manual proper later on.)

Taking a closer look it is very incomplete. At the moment it's more like a thorough version of a Quick Start guide, but worth reading. The Orba 2 manual will help for some other things, but not all. 

Yeah the "manual" is not much help.  To me, the bigger mystery is the green/red "menu" embedded in the Chorda.  You can use it to go "up" or "down" to different lead sounds etc, but I have no idea what they are or where to find them again.  Or how many there are.  Any ideas?

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