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Midi channels of Chorda

To use the Chorda as midi controller. I discovered the midi channel 1 for Lead mode and midi channel 16 for Chord mode. But the pads and bridge are the same midi channel. Is it possible to assign different midi channel ?

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To use Chorda as a MIDI Controller requires a MIDI Host to connect to a hardware or software instrument. MIDI routing is directed by the Host software, usually ALL or 1 for Input and whatever you need for Output, depending on the attached Instrument.

It would great if the Connect app had more MIDI options. Currently, I’m testing the Chorda with an OP-1 Field and it’s a bit limited. My Chorda is connected through USB to a MioXL MIDI interface routed to the OP-1F. Chorda can connect directly to the OP-1F as well since the OP-1F can act as a USB MIDI host. 

Also, the Bluetooth doesn’t seem to connect directly to the OP-1. Chorda shows up in the Op-1s Bluetooth MIDI list, but it won’t pair. I wonder if there is a pairng mode? 

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