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Pitch bend on Chorda

I don't think the pitch bend works on my chorda, i see the values around 8200 consistently regardless of the percentage set in the app. Can anyone else tell me if theirs actually works?


How are you trying to do a pitch bend? Do you mean the vibrato? The pitch bend does work when doing vibrato on mine (and changing the percentage does affect it, though it's difficult to hear 25 and 75% - I haven't checked any actual values using a DAW though). I don't see any other way of doing a pitch bend.
Hi Dave, i’m moving left or right from one note. Midi is registering it as a value between 8150 and 8200 on average which is practically nothing. This value stays regardless of the level 0% to 100% set.
From one pad to another? But that's not supposed to do a pitch bend. If you move back and forth within a pad, that does the vibrato. The manual is a bit confusing on how much it's supposed to do - it says only a few cents, but then it says a tone generator receiving the signal should be set up with a pitch bend range of 48 (cents I'm assuming), which is a lot more than a few. But it sounds like around 48 is what you're seeing, so that seems right. Again, this is just vibrato - I don't think it's intended to be able to bend pitch from one note (pad) to another.
Hi dave, i dont think midi cc values equate to cents. Pitchbend is a high value mesurement ranging from -8192 to +8192, normal low resolution cc values range from 0 to 127, this is the case for mod wheel for example. I’m not sure why its 48 cents, thats really low, each semi tone is about 100 cents. Maybe just enough for a subtle vibrato. I just find it pretty limiting as most pitch bends are 2 semitones and mpe pitchbends can go up to 48 semitones (which i what i thought this can do). This would be ideal for guitar slides for example. This behavior definitely limits the device.
I forgot to note though that usually software determines the pitch bend range, i was just more concerned at the lack of degree of change in the midi cc values per my first post
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