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Key mapping options?

The idea was to play the Chorda like a guitar, pressing one or more of the 3 zones on a pad without creating a sound, but interaction with those zones changes the notes from the bar, more like playing a guitar or stringed instrument rather than pressing to play a whole chord then plucking while the chord is playing.

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You might be able to do this through MIDI mapping. Artiphon provides templates Garageband, Logic Pro, Ableton Live, and Fruity Loops Studio. I'm wondering if you even want to do that though. There are already other guitar-like controllers that simulate the frets and the strings. Chorda and Orba are their own things that give you new and unique ways to interact with the music and control your DAWs. They designed the Chorda so that you could hold it LIKE a guitar and interact with it in a similar way, but not really play it like a guitar. The way the diatonic scales, diatonic chords, pentatonic scales, and arpeggios work are designed to free you to easily do live jamming and come up with different musical ideas than you would on other instruments like the guitar and keyboards.

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