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Orba presets sharing point

This thread is intended to share custom-made presets.

Follow this other thread to see how the magic happens,

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While tinkering with parameters, I happened to create this "theremin-like" preset.

See if you like it.

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I followed Andrea's breadcrumbs and it lead me to a sun-dotted forrest glen. In it, I found a number of Orba presets just waiting to be brought home. Please enjoy these presets that I lovingly wildcrafted in my woodsy imagination. I found some deep caves too...

(81.7 KB)
(160 KB)

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@Sam These presets are rad! Thanks!

Thanks man! I had a lot of fun with the themes and was surprised they had a bit of their own character. Hope the Orba team likes them too :)

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first experiment

(in near future I'll try do code a simple web based editor)

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I've been tinkering with the drum presets and made a mix of the standard presets:

Orba (03 05), Bedroom (01 02), Boomy Booms (04), Cartridge (06 07), Eyes Closed (08 Bump).

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Sorry to be off topic but  I'm working on a Preset editor, what values do you use for the coverImageHash and uuid attributes with the base64 encoded image? i.e. coverImageHash="38909232068284" and uuid="1a77c107db6b4875993a1e81689e0e79" For example.



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