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Can't record shake gesture

Hey folks, just got my Orba a couple days ago and am only now getting to play with it, since updating the firmware bricked it temporarily until I could switch to another computer.

Anyways, I'm now having fun and noticed that the "shake" gesture (press and hold pad 8 in drum mode, shake the Orba rhythmically) doesn't seem to get recorded or picked up at all in the loop. I can hear the audio fine, but there's no way to get it into my loop.

How can I get those sweet shaker sounds to stay put? I am using whatever the latest firmware is as of this morning (Jan 24, 2021).

Thanks for your hard work! Looking forward to firmware revisions and the user experience getting smoother - seems like this product is still working out the kinks :)

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ORBA 2: I have the same issue!
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