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Can't record Artiphon's Instrument 1's sounds into ableton

In the Artiphon editor app I don't have any settings below "preset settings" there is no instrument settings or MIDI settings. I want to use instrument 1's sounds to make a beat, but I only seem able to use the instrument 1 as a MIDI controller that uses the VST's already in my DAW. I'm using windows if that matters. Has anyone had this issue or have any idea what my solution might be? 


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Hi Colin,

Great question! Let me provide some clarity on the difference between the mobile app and desktop app for INSTRUMENT 1. The mobile app lets you not only custom select tunings and features, but also play from a wide palette of built in sounds. The desktop app is a little different in that it focuses on using the INSTRUMENT 1 as a MIDI controller with whichever DAW you're using, like Ableton in your case. You can still select from a wide variety of tunings and presets, but they're meant to directly interface with the DAW and cannot produce sound on its own. 

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