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Can't remove just a layer...

What the hell??? I have like two or three layers laid down in the loop, and I mess up, and press 'A', and hold down record until the red dots complete a circle, and now the entire track is gone!!!!

What the actual F***

Why is it doing this? How do I just remove the last recorded layer and not the entire thing????

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Hi Jeffrey. If you're wanting to clear a single layer of a loop, you can do so by holding the A button while shaking the Orba. You'll see all of the pads blink red and then that part of the loop will be deleted. Make sure you're on the Mode of the layer you're trying to erase, like Drums or Bass, while you do this.

So wait, I have to delete the entire mode?? So if I lay down a drum, and then some bass, and then go back to add some more drums, but mess up the drums, it is going to remove ALL OF THE DRUMS?!?!?! And not just the last bit of drums I laid down??

This is unacceptable! You may go back, and add more of a instrument type, and not like it, you should be able to remove that last part not the entire instrument! 

To be clear what I want to do is JUST remove the LAST BIT I laid down to the loop. It should mark every time I hit 'Record' as a new layer, and then remove just that part. 

Unfortunately, we don’t have that feature available on Orba just yet. The two ways to delete loops are either by deleting a Mode or deleting the entire loop. 

We appreciate the feedback. This has been something we've been starting to hear from other players as well and are taking to our development team. 

Please implement this as quickly as you can. I have had many many many looper devices over the years, and I have NEVER had one that doesn't treat every time you hit record, and add to the loop as a new layer that can be deleted without touching anything else that has been recorded.  :(

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How high on the list of things to fix is this? I would really like this feature! 

ORBA 2: I support this feature request! --Delete latest layer instead of the entire mode

In drum mode, while recording, you can hold down the A pad for the entire loop and clear a sound that way.

This is an absolutely necessary feature. Quite shocking that it’s not standard on Orba 2. @Artiphon how close are you to being able to implement this?

Is this feature in the future improvements list? Thanks Orba team

Hello all.  I'm putting in a feature request for you.  Just to clarify, you would like to be able to undo something that was just added to the loop in a particular mode, without having to erase the whole loop for that mode.  Is that correct?

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Exactly, so if you make a mistake in your last bass layer, you don't delete the whole bass. Thanks again!

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Yes, Just as @trionic has put it.

Thank you!


Hi Britt, thanks so much for following up with us! I'm imagining recording loops as individual takes

Here's a situation describing my feature request:

--Record kick and snare in one take

--Record hi-hat take, make a mistake

--Delete hi-hat take, but keep kick and snare take intact

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