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Beep and reset when over-dubbing

Is there a maximum number of tracks that can be overdubbed with the Orba? Whe playing around with layering in some drums, the Orba has (on four occasions now) beeped loudly and reset itself, erasing the tracks recorded in that session. Has anybody else encountered this behavior?

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Thanks for reaching out, Casey. This is a known issue that comes up from time to time. When loops get really complex, there is a possibility of a firmware error, resulting in a crash.

We're working on a fix for this, but in the meantime when this happens, the best thing to do is verify you are running the latest app version (15.18) and firmware (15.4).  Then give your Orba a hard reset.

  1. Reconnect Orba to your Mac or Windows computer via the included USB-C cable
  2. Press and hold the Power button and Volume Down (-) button simultaneously for 15 seconds (you won't see any visual feedback from Orba). This forces Orba to power off.
  3. Press and hold the Power button on its own for 5 seconds (again, you won't see visual feedback from Orba). This ensures that Orba is powered back on.

Let me know if this helps

I just received my replacement Orba after the first one demonstrated some hardware issues. I'm still getting frequent crashes. I haven't been able to complete a single song - and I usually don't make it past drums before it beeps and resets. It likes to fail aroundthe third loop through 8 counts. I have updated the firmware and confirmed that the desktop app is the latest version. I also tried the hard reset. It still has the issue. Is this up for a firmware fix in the near future, or am I working with an abnormally buggy unit (for the second time)?

Unfortunately, you're not working with an abnormally bugged unit. This is becoming a more known issue, and our development team is working to provide a fix for it in a future firmware update, so make sure you always have the latest firmware on your Orba. 

Yes, I am having the same issue myself. 
Frequently I will be in the middle of making a song and the devices beeps, crashes and wrecks the song in the process; occasionally reverting to my previously stored song. Considering I just received the Orba a week ago, it's pretty disconcerting that I received what is essentially a broken and unfinished device, out of the box. :/ 

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I have the same thing happening to my Orba! I just got the orba 2 days ago!!!! Did the loud beep the first day...tried not to worry to much about it thinking I must of been random..... the next day it happened again deleting my loop. So I made sure everything was up to date, and it was so that is not the issue. I’m am sending it back for refund since the purpose of me getting the orba was to create music..... which is not possible if the orba crashes and deletes your creations randomly!!! Very disappointed especially to see that this is not a new problem! Still happening after 9 months!!!
Yes still happening to me from time to time. Sad, it happened last week, at my first day of holiday! The Orba is now dead, without any win/apple computer in range I cannot restart it. I think that sort of problems have to be solved soon after relais. And before a new device campaign like the Orba2. Have anyone managed to connect the Orba under wine/Linux, just for the hard reset?

This is still appening with the orba 2.
The android connection doesn't works (BT OR cable, doesn't works), it restart continuosly, resets are just a joke.
It's pretty clear you can't solve the numerous issues of your device folks, and i'm willing to believe you'r trying, but i'm guessing you'r not.
A 2 year old bug across 2 generation of devices? c'mon.

Raffaele, go ahead and open a support ticket so we can help you get it sorted.  Thanks!

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