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Cable for connecting to iPhone/iPad

I need to replace the cable that connects the INSTRUMENT 1 to my iPhone/iPad. There is no option for purchasing this cable on the website. Only the cable to connect to Mac/PC computer is available for purchase. 

Can anyone offer advice on where I might be able to obtain one?  \



Hi AJ - I'm trying to to figure out the same thing. Not only the cable is not available on the website, but I couldn't find any Lightning to Mini USB cable anywhere on the internet. I am wondering if a Mini USB to USB-C adapter + a USB-C to lightning cable would be a solution, but help from Artiphon or anyone else that know this answer would be appreciated.

Thank you,


Hey all, we're unfortunately totally out of stock of this particular cable. There is a workaround though, as Raphael is suggesting.

If you use the other cable that is included with the INSTRUMENT 1 (the mini-USB-to-USB cable) with a Lightning-to-USB adapter, this will do the trick. Here are a couple we've tested in the office. They both work well:

Lightning to USB Camera Adapter from Apple

Lightning to USB Camera Adapter from MeloAudio

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