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Battery defective, Instrument one will only operate when plug into a power supply!

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#49789 Instrument 1 battery doesn’t charge when connected to power supply!

Instrument 1  battery does not charge when connected to power supply! A green light is present/showing, as if it were fully charged. But instrument 1 does not turn on, when unplugged from power supply!

this is a warranty issue

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April 17 2021



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Drained Battery:

If you press the INSTRUMENT 1’s power button on the I/O panel and the PWR LED does not light up, your instrument’s battery is most likely uncharged. A fully charged instrument's PWR LED light will glow green when powered on. If this isn't the case, connect your instrument to a power source using the included 12V power supply. Please note that using the INSTRUMENT 1 with any other power source can severely damage the unit.

When you connect your INSTRUMENT 1 to a power source the PWR LED should turn blue, indicating that it is charging. You can turn on and play the INSTRUMENT 1 while it continues to charge : )

The problem I’m having with my instrument 1 is presented below:


If the INSTRUMENT 1's battery still doesn't charge when connected to a power supply and the PWR LED is flashing blue/red, then there may be an issue with the battery itself. If your INSTRUMENT 1 falls under our 1-Year Warranty be sure to submit a ticket to our support team with as much information as you can provide. We'll follow up as soon as we can.

Hi Sally,

Thanks for reaching out. It looks like there was an issue with your INSTRUMENT 1, but I'm seeing that you've already requested a replacement under warranty. Once your INSTRUMENT 1 arrives at our warehouse, we can go ahead and send your replacement unit. Let me know if you have any questions about this. 

I have barely used the Instrument1, I went to use it tonight and it won't turn on but instead is just flashing blue/red. It might be out of warranty by maybe 1-2 weeks which is incredibly disappointing and a complete waste of my money. I've probably played it at most for 1-2 hours, I suspect that because the Instrument1 has barely been used that it might have killed the battery because it wasn't being charged. I wish I was warned this could happen. If it is out of warranty then please explain how I can replace it's internal battery, otherwise I will have a very expensive BRICK on my hands.

I think Artiphon used to offer a battery replacement service, though I can't find the details now – but before you give up, try a couple more times, including leaving the charger plugged in for a while despite the light flashing red & blue. (Sometimes the charge detector seems to wig out for no obvious reason, particularly at the start or end of a charge cycle, and unplugging the charger and plugging back in will fix it.) Does your I1 work ok with the charger plugged in?

This time is was user error on my part. I was trying to charge it with a 5V instead of a 12V charger. Once I saw what the charger looked like then I knew it was my mistake. I have also cancelled the support case. However I would like to know more details if my battery ever does die. Thank you Nick! 

Phew! I did the same early on with mine – plugged it into the wrong charger by mistake, only to find I'd picked the one charger in the house with the identical output and configuration to the Artiphon one. Artiphon issue dire warnings about using any other charger than theirs, but I think that's mainly to protect against imbeciles like me…

LOL, guilty as charged...pun intended ;)

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