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Instrument 1 connection

I've tried a bunch of different cables to connect Instrument 1 to different devices (PC, MAC, iPad, iPod, MidiPlus midiEngine USB, Widi UHost etc) but nothing works - Instrument 1 behaves as connected only with original cable. My question is - is original cable a standard miniUSB to USB (or miniUSB to Lightning) or it possesses some changed wiring?

I need a SHORT miniUSB to Lightning, tried to combine with miniUSB to USB-C + USB-C to Lightning and miniUSB to USB + USB to Lightning, no luck. Please advise.

There is also another question. I possess two copies of Instrument 1, one is damaged from the box (one "string" is silent) - I asked if there is a way to repair it a couple of years ago and the answer was "NO". Are you still letting us down?
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