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Orba 2 can't change Drum preset

The other 3 modes (Bass Chord and Lead) work fine using mac and windows apps to change presets. Drum almost works, but it just overlays on the factory default drum. So that means you always get the "yeah" sound on pad 6 no matter what other drum preset you choose. This is terribly obnoxious.

Is there a factory reset button? I've powered off and back on, and restarted the desktop apps. I'm on firmware 1.0.3, App version 0.15.31.

I'm not seeing this problem.  My O2 is on fw 1.06 (latest) app v.1.0.34.  Drum presets change correctly.

How do I get fw 1.06? My Mac and Windows apps both say there's nothing to download...

Seeing the app version you're using, I'm wondering if you're using the Orba 1 app instead of the Orba 2 app. Would you mind re-downloading the Orba 2 app from this page to see if the issue still persists? 

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@Evan Yep, that was it. Thanks! I didn't even know there were two apps. I was watching older Youtube guides that led me to follow the wrong instructions.

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