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Feature requests and bugs

Hi there. I’m enjoying my Orba 2 but have a few notes. Number one request: ability to bring over samples wirelessly. Ability to remove a layer of an instrument when deleting rather than deleting the whole instrument. For example, if I put down bass drums and on another trip around the loop I add cymbals. I would like if the delete function would just remove the cymbals. Perhaps after laying down those two loops and then another instrument such as lead, the delete function could remove the most recent layer of the selected instrument. If I selected the drums again and deleted, it would remove the symbols and leave the bass drums and the lead. Bugs: when pressing two notes they play both notes, but when holding one and releasing the other it sounds off as if I just struck the held note. It should not do this in my opinion. If there is an instrument that calls for that, the bass makes most sense as it emulates hammer-ons and pull offs, though I would prefer none did this. Sometimes when pausing a loop, a note continues endlessly until you switch instruments and then it stops. Thank you very much for your attention.
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I also support these feature requests: --Wireless sample transfers --Delete latest layer instead of the entire mode
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