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Samsung galaxy S22 with orba 2 app is having problems.


Yesterday i finally received the Orba 2, I like it and the orba 2 itself seems to work nice.  But the Orba 2 app is so laggy that its not usable.

The biggest problem is that the app most of the times doesn't respond to your fingers and seems to freeze.  When i am lucky i get it connected and use it for a while but then if freeze again. 

The phone is a Samsung S22 with the latest firmware and without known issues. All other apps ar working fine. 

Ik have made a screen recording of the app.

I want to know if this is a know issue and when its gonna be fixed.

I am really thinking to return the product!


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I have exactly the same problems with the Samsung A13 (Android 12) - terreble.
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