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Orba 2 - Bluetooth keeps disconnecting on Android phone

Hi all, I received my orba 2 today and on my laptop everything works great. Only on my Samsung Note 20 Ultra my Bluetooth connecting keeps failing, whenever I try to send something to the orba 2. After that, my app needs to be restarted to have any functionality at all. In the screenshot below, you can see the error message that keeps popping up.

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The drop in bluetooth connection is a known issue with some Android devices. We're making improvements and hope to have it fully resolved soon.  In the meantime, ensure you are up to date on both the app version and firmware.

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Same problem with my Pixel 6 -- as soon as it connects by bluetooth with the Orba2, the app is showing constant errors of lost connection.

As an aside, the same thing is happening with my iPad Air 2. I can't get a stable connection with it, either with bluetooth or with a direct wired connection with a USB-C to an iPad wire.

I hope there's a fix soon.

App Version (1.0.174) with firmware 1.1.6 has solved the android connection USB in my realme 8 pro (Android 12), but bluetooth remains with the same connection issue (not found Orba 2 device)

It's saying I'm connected but it's not. And I have both orba s. They both do not work. Firmware is up to date. I've reinstalled everything a bunch of times. Please HELP

The app won't get past error messages .  did the firmware update on the lapto, rebooted everything.  begining to feel like a real waste of money

Same here, error messages and no luck restarting app or orba. Looks like this is a known problem that still persists. Really hope they sort it out.
Very aggravating that something this expensive does work as advertised

I also have a bluetooth connection issue with my Pixel 6 XL and Orba 2. Phone and Orba 2 are completely updated. Very frustrating. Please fix soon Artiphon peoples! 

My error msg says:


Communications with your device have been broken. Please try to restart you app, and if that doesn't work restart your orba.

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