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Orba 2 Custom Preset Repository


This forum is intended to share Orba 2 Custom Presets amongst the Orba 2 community. NOTE: Please upload Presets as a .zip file beginning with the folder Common as described in the first post of this forum.

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@David Benton

I did sample on the Orba-2.

I did not use the mic though.

Just straight out from the synth and into the Orba via the PC.

I have a way to go over Bluetooth (CME WIDI Bud and WIDI Master) but I went over USB.

Actually, the Samson G Track Pro was between the synth and the PC.

I've tried doing the presets by hand and have not had much luck.

Or do you mean sampling by using a mic?

Actually, I think you mean sampling a "real" instrument with a mic.

I don't have any "real" instruments because I have zero musical training/talent.  ;)

I need to be able to do it in MIDI so I can go back and fix it :P

Here are 3 more presets. Don't forget to change the octave!

@David Benton

I think you will like the BearSax. Play it deep and low.

(4.11 MB)

@gerald rolon

I woud suggest looking through the "Orba 2 Hacking Knowledge Base" thread here. I have only been using the information I gleaned from there and applying it for my own aims. Much of the groundwork for what we know about how presets work was done with the Orba 1 (before I was here) and can be found in the equivalent thread for the Orba 1. The changes with the Orba 2 just made it more accessible to us.

Personally I would prefer using synth based presets myself, but have resorted to samples because of it's limitations. My concern is always how much storage space gets used up with samples. Synth based presets are much more economical.

The basics are that the first part of the SynthPatch section of a preset relates to the settings you'll find in the Orbasynth app. The bottom part correrelates to the gestures section. Effectively it's about changing certain paramters on the fly while playing sounds using the gestures. (In Windows, because of the limitations of it's implementation of midi, you can only guess what you are doing there - but you can modify those settings later.) Always change the readOnly and factory parameters to "0" so that you can delete or modify your preset.

The seeker entries control how the gestures and key touch data is dealt with. You may not need to touch them. Artiphon presets use one set mostly, but sometimes one or two other versions. However, these can be modified for your own evil purposes to disable, or change what they do. (In a few instances you can add or remove some entries.) Their use with sample based presets is limited.




@David Benton

Good info.  

Thank you.

I am intending to spend some time now on creating a new version library of the presets I made for the Orba 2. They will all be taken from my own Orba, and working.

This time I will add in MP3 samples of the sounds to make it more useful! And there will be some of the old ones,  some slightly modified to make them a bit better to use (IMHO), and some newer versions. Also some new ones, including a couple of sample based presets made with the new Preset Creator.

Any feed back on the old one would be welcome, and I will try and take suggestions, if there are any, and I can do something about it.

"new Preset Creator"?

@Subskybox - ah, I think you've been away from things Orba for a while!

Artiphon have release an update of the Orbasynth called the Preset Creator. It's basically the same thing but adds the capability to use a single sample file to create a preset - rather as it does with recordings made on the Orba. It also adds the ability to export presets for Orba 1 and 2 and also for the Chorda when it comes out.

The are a few things in the Orba 2 presets it makes that hint at what Chorda presets may be like and possibly adds one or two small other extra features to Orba 2 presets, though I've not tried them out. (There are panning parameters added in the synthpatch - though I suppose that might be just for the Chorda.) 

It's listed on the downloads page, but I think some have had trouble getting the download.

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