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Hello, I have been using Instrument1 for a few years. I was a guitar player for many years but after an accident almost 50 years ago, I am an amputee and can only play chords with one finger on my left hand. The Instrument1 has been a game changer for me because I can pre-program in up to 12 chords of a song, save the song as a preset and sound great. I have hundreds of songs pre-chorded in the Instrument1 app. I'm interested in purchasing the Chorda but I need to know if I will be able to do the same pre-programming in of chords and saving them. Will Chorda still work with an iphone app for pre-programming chords? Lots more questions, but this is a start and will determine if Chorda is right for me.

Also would like to know if I will be able to pre-program in7th chords, diminished, 6ths, 9ths, augmented, m7, M7 etc

Will I be able to import or use the presets I have already created for Instrument1?

will Chorda have its own Windows/mobile phone software/app or will it be able to use the Orba 2 software/app?  I will be receiving the Chorda via Kickstarter Early Bird support/purchase.

I just received my Chorda last night.

1. You cannot pre-program chords on the Chorda. Chords and scales work like they do on the Orba. You select a major or minor key. This determines the diatonic scale for the Bass mode, the diatonic chords for the Chord mode, and pentatonic scale for the lead mode. The Chorda upgrade with respect to chords is that you get 12 pads instead of 8 so you get extra voicings for some of the chords. Also, the "Bridge" (strumplate thingy) arpeggiates all of the chords in all of the appropriate modes and places. Very nice. The Chorda uses the same Artiphon Connect app that the Orba does which is available on Mac, iPhone, Android, and Windows.

You cannot pre-program 7ths, diminished, 6ths, 9ths, etc. Most of the presets use the standard diatonic chords. For instance, in the key of C, the chords are C Maj, D min, E min, F Maj, G Maj, A min, G/B (No B Dim), C Maj, D min, E min, F Maj, G Maj. The last 5 chords are one octave higher than the first five and it sounds to me like they might use different voicings. The choice of a G/B instead of a B Dim is interesting, but I think it makes a lot more sense musically. 

Artiphon has made a Cord preset available called 7ths that plays 7ths as the name implies. It plays the appropriate DIATONIC 7ths depending on the major or minor key. The voicings are slightly odd because most of them are triads - dropping the fifth. Also, the synth part of this preset doesn't work quite right no the Chorda. The pads don't respond like they do on the Orba. And, the higher octave voicings of the first five chords are strange. Very weird. 

In theory, we should be able to import the 7ths preset into the Artiphon Preset Creator, tweak the synth part, and save it as a new 7ths preset that plays 7th chords, but using a different sound. Artiphon have not exposed the scale and chord construction in their presets and different presets can use different voicings for their chords.

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