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Problems with sample based Drum Kit creation in new Connect app?

I have made a couple of drum presets using the Connect app and samples of Hand Pans (for the Orba 2). Arranging the notes similarly to the real instruments' was fine,  but the sample sounds didn't turn out so well.

First, all sounds didn't come out right - like they had lost something in conversion. The results barely sounded like the sources at all.  It seems to affect some types of sound more than other - the Hand Pan sounds were the worst!

Deliberately quiet source samples were brought up to volume of other sounds - destroying the intentions for the presets. Key press velocity was no help - not sure it was even being registered.

But also on pad 8 I also get a click sounding -  I'm fairly sure it's a synth patch sound playing along with the sample, but it's really bad. (This happened with different sets of samples - so it didn't come from there.) There is no issue generally with the 8 pad.

I wonder if the synth patch sounds are not being suppressed, on some pads, or perhaps even all - maybe they come from the template the app uses to create the preset files, or maybe those from the drum preset currently selected. I can't tell. But this could be the source of the issue with the general sound issue of presets created this way.

Adding this capability is very welcome, but it seems not be working right yet.

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In the light of a new day the sound of the samples isn't so bad - it seems like samples need a bit of time to settle in! Not ideal but about as good as I would expect. However the click and the volume issues remain.

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