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Update Chorda presets to diatonic?

I'm trying to make copies of the Chorda lead presets and change them to diatonic like I did for Orba a but the copied files don't show up when I try to load them in the Artiphon connect tool. What am I missing?

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Found the answer in the Orba 2 discussion, I needed to create an md5 hash for the file name. I only have an original Orba so didn't run into that. Now happily making diatonic versions of all the Lead presets for my Chorda :)

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@Rpneal - This may interest you.


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Excellent info, thanks!

I am trying to be comprehensive - in practice I just use a one or two things as I want them.

@davidbenton. I just received my chorda yesterday. I cannot open the zip file you posted. Are you using the preset creator to change the type of scale or something else? Also I did not understand what Rpneal said about an Md5 hash. Is there a relatively easy way to understand how to do this. It kills me that Artiphon doesn’t give a choice on using a diatonic vs pentatonic scale (or any other scale for that matter)

@Ry Wilson - you need to look through the Orba 2 hacking knowledge thread. As far as I can tell most of it also applies to the Chorda, but since I won't get hands on a Chorda for at least a couple of weeks I can't be certain of anything. 

I posted that file for Rpneal because I suspected he(she?) had got far enough to make sense of what is very rough and incomplete notes. I use Windows so the file may not open in Macs unless there is a specific app that will do it perhaps - I don't know. In Windows I use 7zip, but Windows should unzip it natively OK.

@David Benton. Ahhh, that makes sense. I’ll start digging, there are bound to be similarities and hopefully some more innovation built in. Thanks for getting back to me! Hope you have fun with your Chorda when it comes!

I have wandered the hacking thread and here is the procedure to convert a preset from Pentatonic to Diatonic (or vv). This is for Windows so the location of the files is probably different on a Mac

1. Go to C:\Users\Public\Documents\Artiphon\Common\Presets

The Lead presets are in the Lead folder. There is also a folder for Drum, Bass, and Chord. These instructions will also work for Bass and Chord presets, Drum is a different animal. The first part of the names are usually pretty close to the name you see in the Artiphon Connect tool but they are sometimes different. The big random looking number after the name is the MD5 checksum

2. Open the preset you want to convert (I just do it in notepad). If it is pentatonic you should see this near the bottom of the file - 

<TuningEntry key="C" name="Major Pentatonic" intervals="P1, M2, M3, P5, M6, P8, M9, M10"

               midiOctave="3" transpositionType="RetainNotes" type="tonal" tuning="60, 62, 64, 67, 69, 72, 74, 76"/>

3. Replace that text with - 

<TuningEntry key="C" name="Major" intervals="P1, M2, M3, P4, P5, M6, M7, P8"

               midiOctave="3" transpositionType="RetainNotes" type="tonal" tuning="60, 62, 64, 65, 67, 69, 71, 72"/>

4. Do a Save As with a new file name, the file extension should be ".artipreset" . I usually just add _Diatonic between the name and the MD5 checksum.

5. Open this site in a browser -and drop your new file into the Drop File Here box. This will produce a checksum for the file. Take the checksum and replace the one in the file. It is at the top in quotes after uuid=

6. Save the file and then change the checksum in the file name to that number so they match.

That should do it, now you have a Diatonic version that should show up in the Artiphon Connect tool next time you open it :)

Thanks to lots of people for all this info!

Rusty (he)

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I have now completed a first version of a document which consolidates much  from the hacking knowledge  thread from the Orba 2 (most of it applies to the Chorda) and my own learnings.

Because it is stuff that Artiphon won't support I have posted a link to it at:

I will start posting some of the presets I have created there soon which will include examples of some of this stuff in practice.

Thanks Rpneal

 I created a preset with the new creator, and modified the lead to have 12 notes 60-to71 which should be the chromatic scale in the key of C. I then adjusted the checksum according to the post above.

There's only 8 notes in the preset, so it must wrap around, or something.

Doesn’t work. It defaults to something, diatonic I think. Hopefully they will Improve out options.

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