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Navigating presets and songs

First, I'm LOVING Chorda overall.  I love how easy it is to combine presets and the expressivity of the ways we can use the pads, and the factory content is top notch.  It's no surprise to me that there may be some improvements still to be made at time of release, so this is no hate on the developers at all.  But specifically, I would love a little bit more when it comes to navigating presets and songs because a few things feel a bit rough around the edges.

  • How can I delete presets or songs from Chorda?  All the factory content seems to have the Delete button grayed out.  I can only delete custom presets and songs.  Also, how much space is on Chorda? How will I know when I'm running low on memory?

  • How can I see what songs are actually loaded on Chorda?  For that matter, what does the "Chorda" symbol on song icons mean?  Artiphon Connect shows most of the factory songs with the Chorda symbol, but they can't be all on the Chorda since it only holds 12 songs at a time.

  • Will there ever be a way to organize presets on Chorda? For now at least there seems no way to define an order for presets. For example, I have like 50 Lead presets (which is awesome!) but I have to manually cycle through them all and I can't control what order they are in?  And I would love something a little slicker than using the bridge to just go Up/Down by one preset.  Could we use the12 other pads that are there being unused when selecting a preset?

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