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Problem with shipment of Chorda > package being returned to Shipper because of address not being complete on the package

There is a problem with shipping my Kickstarter Chorda order because aparently your shipping company from Hong Kong "Floship" did not put my full address (in Santa Monica, CA, USA) onto the package so now whole package is being returned to them (looks like it already was sent back to them into one of Floship's distribution centers in New Jersey) and I have no way to contact Floship directly... simlly no phones and no response to my message vie their website.
Please help with this. Tracking number with Floship was > HKADJFS8059269 then it was given by them to USPS for final delivery with different tracking number which I did find and tracked... but they sent it back because when USPS saw that there was no full address on the box (USPS did how me scan of the label from the package - so they are correct) they sent it back to Floship center becaue, yeah, address on the box did NOT have street info at all. Crazy.

BTW - I did submit a ticket on via Artiphon website on this.... no response so far or acknowledgement that ticket was received.

Any feedback appreciated.


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