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Beginner sampling question

I can get sets of samples (naturals, sharps, flats, various octaves, etc) from the internet for electric guitars. How do you decide which wav file out of all the notes that would be best to use? I have picked at random and it works but I assume there are rules for picking the best one?

I confess I find that "guitar" sounds on electronic devices in general are disappointing so I tend not to even try!

The quick answer might be a) choose a mid range pitch (octave 4? perhaps), b) has a good duration (4-7 seconds?), and c) "clean" - no extraneous noises, ie: clicks, background bumps and hums.

There are useful observations about this in the Orba 2 Custom Preset Repository thread. If you are prepared to do the work, creating a set of samples from scratch and put them into a preset will give much better results than the app can do. (Once you've done it a couple of times it's not so laborious!)

Yea, I am running into that. Still it has potential. Any idea where the base file is for samples? I want to change it from pentatonic to diatonic for Lead.

C:\Users\Public\Documents\Artiphon\Common\ - for Artiphon content

C:\Users\Your Own User Name\Documents\Artiphon\Common\ - for your own created content

Should be obvious from there. Change factory and readOnly to "0" in your own presets  - makes it possible to change any thing  later if needed.

At some point Windows moved my docs folder to onedrive and I couldn't find it. Found them, made the changes and it works, thanks!

@Rpneal - A thought came to me that might make a good guitar preset (I think in terms of acoustic guitar but it would apply to electric as well). It would take some work and it's not easy to explain here - though if you look at the Grand Piano sample sets in the preset (and perhaps my notes!) you might be able to see what's going on - what they do there is a bit OTT for that preset, but could be better for catching the different touches of a guitar playing. If I can create some decent guitar samples I might try it at some point.

(Those notes I made are now more complete and once I've made them more readable I'll let you know.)

Wow, 95 samples. They really worked on that one!

@Rpneal - now look at the sample frequencies and the sampleMap string.

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