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Trying to Exchange

I’ve been trying to exchange my Chorda of which the strum light that is by the on/off switch does not light, and the “A” switch is clicky and sticks occasionally. 

I had written support and they gave me a link that required and order number. I found it in an email from when I donated to the KickStarter. 

‘When I enter the number listed on the receipt, I get that the order number is not found. I asked support for help last Thursday and still no answer.

is anyone else having this problem? Any solutions?


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I want to follow up on this comment. 

Between my moving and other communication problems, I received a brand new Chorda, it functions well. The pinkish light at the end of the strum section is glowing very softly all the time, which only shows up when I play in a less lighted area. 

I noticed that the ‘out of box’ sound was not the same as the first unit I received. I really liked that sound. 

Happy to have it back!

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