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How can I tell if my Chorda is charging?

When you connect your Chorda to a power source, the LED next to the USB-C port will blink. This signifies that Chorda is actively charging.

  • Blinking green LED: Chorda is charging
  • Solid green LED: Chorda is fully-charged
  • LED light off: Chorda is not charging


  • Quickly pushing the power button illuminates the fingerboard, revealing Chorda's current power level. (i.e. If pads 1-6 light up, your Chorda is about 50% charged)
  • If charging through a computer, please make sure that USB charging is toggled on in the Artiphon Connect App settings. Later, if you want to connect your Chorda to your computer via USB, please make sure this is toggled off.
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