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Clear song on Chorda

I downloaded some sounds from the app and somehow a full pre-recorded song also ended up on my Chorda and I can't clear it with the clear BTN anybody have the same issue? 

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Yeah but I went ahead and added some orba individual gestures in on my presets and they stuck under bass and went to my chorda no I have six completely soundless sense I got a scroll past every time I'm changing sounds. How the hell do you factory reset this thing? Or delete anything off of it? We need access to the files on it if you can add to it then you have to be able to remove from it cuz we're not all perfect and we all make mistakes and have to take them off at some point what are y'all doing artifon? I've been all through side up and down I can't find anything about factory resetting, y'all keeping it a secret or something?
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