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Feature Request Collection

Hey. Just Post your Feature Request Here. FR1:DIN Midi-Out via TRS .

Ability to chose scale: Diatonic / Chromatic

Chromatic won't work well - you won't even get a full complete octave scale on the pads and it will play havoc will the strum bridge.

It was possible to switch to diatonic scales on the "play" page by setting the key there with options for major and minor. I confess I haven't tried it for a while so it may have changed with updates. I use a workaround of creating presets set with diatonic scales. The same workaround can also allow a modification that will enable playing chromatically but it will not work if you are using the Chorda as a midi controller. (These were worked out for the Orba 2, but they work for the Chorda too.)

Chaining songs or having live song change quantization to make complex longer songs: Calling a loop a song is a bit confusing, since the word "song" usually means a collection of loops. I would like to set an amount of repeats for one loop (one of chordas 12 songs) that moves to the next loop (a different one of chordas songs) automatically. Is this an option without using a DAW? The only way I can see to write a longer song, is to play the full length of a song 2-3 minutes as a loop, then go in and add more instruments, similar to recording on a 4-track tape machine. If we could chain songs (which are really loops) then we could make wonderful arrangements with 12 different loops that seamlessly flow from one loop to the next! It would also create another use of chorda to be used more like a sampler/sequencer with 12 steps.

We need a way to put specific presets in specific order on the chorda, maybe something in the Artiphon connect tool where you pick one to put in each slot.

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