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Connecting Orba, Firmware update and App issues

Orba arrived at last. Downloaded iOS app version 0.14.28 on to iPhone (11). Connected to Orba with bluetooth. Clicking on the A for settings there are issues: No battery status (orba icon is empty even when the orba is charging) No Serial Number available (so I can't register it). No firmware version is available so I have no idea what firmware the Orba is currently using. Clicking on 'Load' on any preset has no effect. Nothing happens. I downloaded the app for Windows.My PC is Windows 7. The app downloads but again the same issues with connecting the Orba. After much work I find that the driver is not available and trawling the Support forum I find that the app only works with Windows 10. So as a result my situation with the Orba: 1) Orba is connecting with my iPhone via Bluetooth but the 'Connected' message appears to be the only interaction between the Orba and the app. 2) No Orba serial number visible in the app 3) No Orba firmware version information available in the app 4) No Orba battery information visible in the app 5) Pressing 'Load' on a preset in the iPhone app has no effect (nothing happens). 6) Orba driver only available on Windows 10 7) Orba Firmware cannot be update on a Windows 7 Machine. 8) Orba regularly disconnects from iOS app and won’t reconnect until the app is fully shut down and restarted- at which point it recommends the Orba firmware be updated. Right now I cannot even be 100% certain that there is not something wrong with the Orba itself. The Orba makes the right noises by pressing the pads but in terms of connectivity to apps for recording or anything beyond the physical interaction with the hardware, the unit is non-functional. Essentially what I have is an expensive version of a children's rattle and hand-drum. I am a KS backer and finally received the Orba on 24 December 2020.

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I just fixed this problem on my Orba.  Make sure in the Orba software that you have clicked on USB under Orba connection.  If you hold down the power button and the volume up+ button for 15 sec and then connect it to computer and drop the Orba firmware zip file onto the firmware update cloud in the Orba app it will force the firmware to be updated to the latest version.  The file discussing this is here.

the link to the firmware file is there.  Once you have the new firmware your Orba should be recognized in Orba software and you will see firmware number and serial number.  All the preset loading now works again.  Good luck hope it works for you.

Thanks David, Right now I only have access to a PC with Windows 7. According to Artiphon the Orba only works with Windows 10. So right now I can power up the Orba through the USB connected to my Windows 7 PC but that’s the extent of the interaction. The Orba is not even recognised by the PC as there is no driver available for the Orba. So there’s not a thing I can do now. It’s a pity there was no information about the PC operating system required for the Orba when the KS was running.

Hey Neil,  I have just updated a computer to windows 10 over the summer.  7 worked great for me as a platform, and had no gripes about it.  However after going to 10, I am very happy.  Most of the newer music applications, I use Reason, depend heavily on midi drivers etc.  10 makes the process so much more capable.  If you have the means, I would recommend going to 10.  I say this not to just have Orba connectivity but for a host of other reasons. I don’t see any way to run this on 7 as the company has not posted a driver for the device and 7 requires such a driver to work.  

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