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Missing Horror FX after software update

New software update mentions "Horror FX" which is nowhere to be found after the update.

Sorry, the release notes could have been more clear. The new presets show up as “BPM Create…”

Ok. Was expecting sounds like in your soundcloud: Horror FX, but there are no effects like that in the sounds at least. Also the Labyrinth Lead sound doesnt seem to transfer to my Orba2 but get's stuck to loading screen and never finishes:


Same thing with Create BPM chords and bass ... somehow i got drums into the orba. How long should it take to transfer the sounds?

I was able to get BPM Lead and Chords also into Orba2 ... but it takes waaay too long. I restarted application on windows multiple times before it worked. Maybe add some kind of progress information (in percents etc.) when transferring sounds so people don't have to wonder if the program is responsive or not.

I'm glad I found this. It's been loading for a good 3 minutes atm and I have a pretty top of the line pc. 

These presets will take a good bit of time to transfer to Orba 2 because of their size.  You can expect around 3-5 minutes for each mode to transfer.

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