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Introducing Chorda

Earlier this week, we launched a new musical instrument on Kickstarter. Chorda is a new smart synth, looper, and MIDI controller that adapts to the way you play. 

Chorda is an incredibly versatile instrument. In fact, it’s like having many instruments in one! You can play Chorda flat like a keyboard or drum machine or pick it up and strum like a guitar or ukulele. Explore many instrument styles like guitar, piano, drums, synths, and more—all on the same interface. And you can mix and match your playing style and sounds, so you can strum any sound in the world. 

Join the campaign on Kickstarter today and take advantage of our early bird pricing, starting at $199. 

For now, Chorda is available via Kickstarter in the US and Canada only. Based outside of the US or Canada? We have every intention of opening up Chorda to the world in the near future, and we recommend signing up here to be notified when it's available in your region. 

1279% funded (even without international backers)! Huge congratulations to all – it looks wonderful, and a gorgeous distillation of the Artiphon ethos and experience. Great to see Artiphon back on Kickstarter after some bruising past experiences, and I completely understand the rationale for restricting the Kickstarter to US & Canada; I know international logistics were a colossal headache on previous campaigns. I'm in the UK but happily tossed a few bucks in on the no-reward tier; Adam's at-desk performance on the video was easily worth that in itself. Hope it conquers the world.

Incidentally, the version of the above graphic on the Kickstarter page seems to be under the impression the Instrument 1 isn't a MIDI controller!


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