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A button double press?

Anyone else's A button able to depress twice?  If I push down slightly, the button depresses, clicks slightly, and does nothing.  If I push harder, then it clicks and activates. It doesn't seem like the first depress should be happening.

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I'm a bit dissatisfied with the "clickiness" of the A button too. I prefer the touch-based A button on the Orba to the physical switch of the A button on the Chorda. Sometimes it seems to get stuck. You really have to press it confidently.

I like physical buttons, but yeah, it almost gets stuck if you press the edge of it. Just feels cheap

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same - it's really hard to use consistently and I keep inadvertently either missing the press or pressing late, which changes the mode/part... this is definitely the main hardware issue for me

Agreed- it’s the biggest weak spot on this. The speaker is a close second

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 I noticed that mine is tending to stick, or it clicks up a few moments having just been pushed.

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