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Receive your Orba yet???

Has anyone received their Orba yet??? Don't delete my question Artiphon people!!!!!

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sent them an email this morning and received the same auto resonder that they always send out

Tried again... looks like contact@ goes straight to the auto responder. 

As a kickstarter backer, I asked Artiphon for a refund, I don't know if anyone will deal with it at all, but I don't want to be a part of this farce anymore. Artipon probably thinks, that Kickstarter means: "Kick your backer's ass."


I wish strong nerves to those who remain.  Bye.

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I finally got a tracking number.  I was NOT part of the original KickStarter backers and ordered from the Artiphon site by adding myself to the reservation list.  Here is my updated timeline:

06/29/2020: Placed my name on the reservation list

07/20/2020: Received an email saying it is time to place my order.

07/23/2020: Placed my order for Orba w/ Travel Case

08/19/2020: Received email stating "Your Orba has Shipped" stating "Your Orba has successfully arrived at our LA warehouse...typically taking about 3-5 days..."

09/17/2020: Received tracking number that links to "".   (NOTE: Nothing showed up at first but later in the day I saw initial tracking information like "shipping label has been printed" and "Arrived Shipping Partner Facility, USPS Awaiting Item". So it appears that USPS will be the carrier that finally delivers the product.)

I agree with others about the lack of communication.  But I want to thank Nick Lowe for sharing the messages sent to the Kickstarter site.

Akira Kanyon

Akira, mine is very similar, except that on the 3rd of September, the travking number thst was given still shows nothing. If I use the tracking number on USPS' premium tracking site, it only shows that rhe label was created on the 3rd and the USPS is awaiting receipt of item to ship. Meaning they printed a shipping label, but have not given it to the USPS to ship yet!!!! WTF????? I have sent email after email to all of the support and contact addresses and am only getting auto-responses. No one has updated me. Now dozens, maybe even hundred/s of people (or more???) have had it, publicly shaming Artiphon (Rightfully so!!!!) And yet, we are still seeing no action from Artiphon. WTF? Right now they should be dropping everything else that they are working on and resolve all outstanding orders immediately, apologetically and very, very sincerely. This really needs media attention at this point. I am beginning the process of filing with the Better Business Bureau and the Bureau of Consumer Protection with thr Federal Trade commission (see link below) and anywhere else that will help me get this resolved, either by delivering the paid for merchandise, or a refund, and at the very least, a response:
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