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Unresponsive Orba? Follow these steps

Follow this article for step-by-step instructions.

Just after receiving the Orba I connected and updated the device without trouble.. used it for a couple of days and suddenly died and didn't get recognized by Windows anymore.. made my kid (birthday-present) not happy.
I connected the Orba to my Linux-based computer and at least gave some response (lsusb), "STMicroelectronics STM Device in DFU Mode", so at least I knew there was some life in this dead-looking device.
I decided to connect it using another USB-port on the Windows-machine, I believe I pushed vol+/power for 5 seconds and voila.. it connected and update (latest already was installed) went fine.

I think stuff like this should not happen, a brand new device completely dying like this is unacceptable, and this without some obvious, easy to use and functional hard-reset option makes it even worse.

Andrew Wraight's comment (page 4) helped me a lot by the way..

First update attempt resulted in the lights out and unresponsive. Tried all of the button pushing including the three arm method to no avail. The device appears to be not connected to the computer.

Putting the Orba into DFU mode (press - and power for 15 seconds) my Windows 10 computer saw it as "SMTP Bootloader". There was no driver identified to support this. Reinstalling the app didn't resolve the driver problem.

I left the device in DFU mode, installed the Orba app in my laptop, connected the Orba, drivers started to load, the lights came on, the app said it had detected the device in DFU mode and the firmware update started automatically. Now it works.

It appears that somehow the Bootloader driver isn't being installed in some installations to support DFU mode. This probably accounts for the firmware update failure as the app can't see the device without the driver. 

i have solve my problem and i would like to tell you how i make it. use another laptop. Trust me, it helps.

Thanks for sharing this, @Dark! We've seen this solution work as well.

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