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Orba App for Android: Now in Beta

The Orba app for Android is currently available for beta testing. If you’re interested in joining this private beta, we’d love to have you check it out. Follow this link to request access and become part of the early app experience! 

For everyone else, we will have the Orba app published on the Google Play Store just shortly down the road. 




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I love that the app seems to do wirelessly most of the same stuff that the USB/Desktop  version of the App does... It does seems to disconnect and be generally less than 100% reliable...could be my phone [Moto g6 Play] or android flavor [9] build number [PCPS29.118-63-10-9] and not the App itself.

Highly interested in being part of it. Signed up.

Highly Interested. Just signed up.

Hi there. I have the app on my Samsung Galaxy S9 on the latest Android version. Got the app open and it seems to connect to the Orba, but I'm not having much joy downloading the presets. I've managed to change the drums once, but nothing else, and I'm not sure why it worked that one time. I also can't save my loops to the app and generally it doesn't do what it's supposed to. So basically it's non functional and not usable for me at the moment. Is this expected?
Can't connect my orba to the app. It's visible on the android Bluetooth devices but doesn't actually connect and therefore the app doesn't join with it
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