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Any chance that we will see a "Smarter" Strum feature

First of all, I am still waiting for the arrival of my Instrument 1 (it's back order everywhere!), and I've been just reading the manuals and forum online, so whatever I say below may be doable already.

Anyway, from what I understand, there's a huge gap between the current "Smart Strum" and the standard playing modes. Smart Strum is basically the Pad mode, and we get 12 big pads, each assigned to a pre-defined chord. Jumping from that to the standard playing modes (fretted or not) means from single finger triggering a chord to a full chord fingering.

But, it's year 2020, and Instrument 1 is supposed to be revolutionary product. Instead of recognizing a chord based on a pressed note, couldn't it recognize a chord by a fingering pattern? 2 to 3 two-finger patterns down the neck could give a player tens of chords to be played on all 6 strings! 

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Ah, sorry for the vagueness – no, I was just talking about music apps more generally. Third-party apps for the I1 is an interesting idea, but I'm not sure what we'd want them to do!

Actually, even if there's no third party app, if the I1 could just send the fretboard data and the bridge data through different MIDI channels, it would open up a lot of possibilities already.

It is possible to do that with a bit of ingenuity using a third-party MIDI mapping utility like MidiFire, Bome, or Midiflow. The trick is to use the Artiphon app to map the pitches of the six bridge triggers in grid mode to pitches that aren't used anywhere on the fretboard, and then to use your MIDI utility to remap those pitches to whatever values and channels you want.

Ah ha. Never thought about that. I will give it a try. Thank you very much!

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