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Orba manual download

How can I download the Orba manual? Online manuals aren't practical if you want to read it without internet access.

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You can save it as a .webarchive using Safari on desktop or iCab on iOS. Then you can read it offline in a browser or in a reader app that supports the format (such as GoodReader on iOS).

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You could also copy it left click and turn it to a PDF or rich word or text file you can do this on a phone or computer or IOS or hell screen Shot it I hope this helps 

Hey Alan. We've been getting this question a lot so we've put together a PDF version of the manual. I've attached it here :)


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How often does ARTIPHON anticipate updating the ORBA online manual?

We will update the manual regularly as we add features to Orba. It is hard to give an exact schedule since the Orba firmware and software releases will have different timings and change as we get feedback from our customers.

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Arne: Thanx muchly for the VERY quick response!  Eagerly awaiting the arrival of my Orba here in Canada.  Have a great day and #StaySafe.

Does Artiphon or Orba have like a facebook group where other new users like myself can share ideas?
There is a Facebook Group that is not run by Artiphon

Thanks for posting the PDF manual. Would be cool if future versions included a date or revision number. I definitely have times when I'm not connected and need to figure out how to do something. 

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Don't forget there's also an online version; I haven't noticed any updates to that since the PDF version, but revisions will probably appear there first.

We did clarify the hard reset since this pdf was made. The online version now says: Hard reset: hold power button and volume down (-) button for 15 seconds.

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For future references:
Above PDF from Jeremy Bennett has the creation date found typically in "Properties
Created: Wed Aug 5 18:45:31 2020

Hey Alan. We've been getting this question a lot so we've put together a PDF version of the manual. I've attached it here :)


Thanks for creating the PDF manual for us. However, you created it with reading on the iPhone in mind, which leaves the main weakness of the online manual, you can’t print it out and have all reference material on one page, for quick look-up without fiddling. Also, the manual (both versions) mix introduction/teaching and reference in one document, which isn’t ideal. You don’t need to be told what’s in the box much more than once, but one might forget how to erase the current song and start from scratch, for example. It would be great if you could create a second version of the PDF document, a cheat sheet or reference table that combines everything worth knowing on just one page. Or, if one page isn’t feasible, divide it into parts, each part on a page, by subject: • record / edit a song • change tones (I haven’t dived into this so I can’t give it a better name) • MIDI operation (or whatever other subject comes to mind) Remember, 1 page per subject, and avoid that a subject runs from one page to the next, the idea is to print and look at just one sheet at a time!
Perhaps the solution for an Orba or Instrument 1 manual which can easily be read on all sizes of devices and doesn’t require constant online access is an EPUB file. Like many ebook formats, EPUBs don’t have a fixed shape problem like a PDF file. Maybe I’ll have a go at creating an EPUB version of the latest available online manual, and post it here.
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