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No minor keys???!?

I was bummed out to see in the manual that you need to use the app to change the key of the Orba, making it pretty useless for live jam situations, which is why I bought it.

Also, very concerning is the fact that the pop up list for keys to change to didn't show any minor keys....Can't use it for songs in Am? really?

Am I missing something, or is the Orba really this limited?

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Hey Lyle, thanks for your question. Have you received your Orba yet? We think once you get your hands on Orba it will make a lot more sense.:slightly_smiling_face:You can pick any key and make it major or minor, so you can indeed play in A minor.:+1:

If you have any other questions about the app please feel free to drop us an email at and we’ll be more than happy to help!

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I have not received my Orba yet. After installing the Windows app, I see that minor keys are indeed an option, which is a relief.

I'd love to see an option for changing keys directly on the Orba, though....

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To understand why this is important (to me, at least) is this situation:

We jam with about 8 musicians. One of the first questions before starting a song, is "What key is it in?"

Every song is different, according to vocal range, instruments, etc.

Currently, if I bring along the Orba, I can only really use it easily if the song is in C major (or ONE key, whichever I choose).

If I want to use it for every song, I need to hook it up to the computer, and app, and change the key. Everyone will not wait around for that each time we start a song.

Maybe there's something I"m overlooking, but it seems this is the way it would have to work with key changes on the Orba (short of only using it for drums which requires no key....)

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Yes I hope they add this on a update some how I use mostly minor but to be able to change to a major will be needed live 

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I'm sure they'll add this soon.  It seems pretty logical.  In the meantime, for $99 you ca't really go wrong with this.  I'm looking for some renewed inspiration since I won't have to sit in front of my DAW to use this.

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Yeah, it looks like Minor keys ARE supported, but changing the key right on the Orba is using it in a jam situation without a laptop isn't possible....unless you just use it for percussion....

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All, I haven't received mine yet (and I'm really looking forward to getting it) but as with all technology (and the beauty of it as well) one huge hope is that things have the possibility of being implemented as we figure out what the Orba needs. This may be a crazy philosophy, but instead of us just complaining, how about if we find something lacking we post what is missing and make a suggestion of what would be a good solution, or what might work as a solution. For example, being that this thread is based on no minor keys, or key selection on the device itself, my thought is the following (and I have no idea if this is even possible so I'm just spit balling) Example idea - button press combo that allows predefined key changes. Example: there are 8 buttons , holding down one and the "a" and pressing one of the other 7 allows you to pick a key you set up previously through the app. Single press is Maj double is Min or something of that sort. It's brand new tech, and those of us that ordered early get to pick it apart, and hopefully we can help (if we make suggestions, instead of just complaining) make it a better product if we do so.

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Hey Lyle, I just got mine. When you get yours and have the app installed, it will prompt you to upgrade the firmware first. In that same screen you should see an “early adopters feedback” link appear. It will allow you to report any bugs, unexpected behavior, suggestions or feature requests you have for Artiphon about the Orba. I have already suggested the ability to make multiple loops, chain loops, mute tracks (all of these things from button combinations while playing the Orba), and also reported a few small bugs with the iOS version. The firmware is currently 0.x.x and so is the app. I have a feeling that they have plans to implement a lot more in the near future, based on the software and firmware versions and the request for user feedback, so don’t worry too much about that for now. When you see it, make your suggestions there. I hope you will enjoy working with it once it is received. I’m sure they have more cool stuff in store for us soon

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One more thing I forgot to mention - the app on your iOS or Android device will allow you to do track and key changes in a matter of seconds, so don’t worry about having to lug your laptop onstage and plug it in to make those changes. It connects over Bluetooth MIDI to allow the exchange of information and change of settings. What you mentioned - changing keys in a hurry doesn’t take more than like 30 seconds if you have the app open.

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It's actually quicker than 30 seconds. If you save a song with every likely key, all you have to do is load that preset from the iPhone app.

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Why can't I change keys when my Orba is connected to my Windows 10 PC via USB?  The key selection is grey out and not selectable..

(16.9 KB)

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Clement, it is this way for me as well. You have to start a new song and overwrite the other to change keys. Very clunky at the moment. 100% agreed that changing key on the fly is a must for a new firmware update. Not as useful live without it.

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I've read the prior comments and I agree that the most needed upgrade is to be able to change the key on the Orba, not just through a connected app. You can already "transpose" by an octave, but the Orba would be MUCH more useful if you could transpose by half steps.

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