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"Sorted by" not working.

The choice of showing posts that are "Oldest First" or "Newest First" does not work. It's stuck on "Oldest First"

Sorry, this isn't an answer but another question: where did you find this option? I know Freshdesk features can be a bit flaky across browsers and platforms; either it's not showing up for me (iCab on mobile, Safari on desktop) or more likely I'm not looking in the right place.

It's in the Artiphon Forums. Once you click on a topic....then you'll see the choice to the right with three options.....newest first...oldest first...and popular.

Ah, brilliant, Ski - many thanks! What a dolt; never noticed that, even on the ROLI forums which have been using this platform since the dinosaurs were young. It seems to be working for me at the moment, though that's no guarantee of anything.
(Also, if anyone else is as much of an idiot as me, I see that the option only appears once the original thread post has two or more replies. Which makes sense.)
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