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A lot of frustrated people here over delivery of their Orba.  I'm one too, but it seems just too far to believe it's a scam.  I believe your Orba and mine are legit products that Artiphon is trying under difficult circumstances to get out to the people who bought them.  Some of that is worsened by them being a small company with a rabid fan-base, and some is their own fault for not having a better delivery tracking and communication already up to speed, I say this as a rabid fan.

But to suggest the Orba is a scam...  Artiphon is established.  They have other products.  They clearly maintain a public presence in product development and support.  These are not the signs of a company that was built to take your cash and disappear.  They would be easy to find, sue, and ruin if this were the scam that people are suggesting.

Considering Covid, hurricanes, mail delays, short-staffing...  Personally I'm willing to give them a pass on this delay.  I'm sure the people making and shipping Orbas are facings delays of their own favorite things, just the same.

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I've worked as a freelance graphic artist and web developer for over 30 years. I've found that clients/customers are very willing to forgive work that runs late, AS LONG AS YOU COMMUNICATE WITH THEM. 
I understand that Artiphon is trying to deliver a new product during the worst of times, but I'm very frustrated at their lack of responsiveness. I just want to know...

Have my Orbas shipped (I ordered 2)?
Is there an approximate ETA for delivery?

Is there a tracking number?

I've yet to get a reply to these questions through either the Artiphon or Kickstarter sites.

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I’ve been waiting for over a month now and I’ve not even received an update. I’m getting close to canceling my order. Anyone else with me?

Received a note a while back that my Orba had shipped. A month later it still wasn't here. I contacted Artiphon and received an email that my support ticket had slipped through the cracks. A week later (yesterday) Orba arrived. I too was beginning to expect it may be as scam, but knew this wasn't Artiphon's first rodeo.

So, it's not a scam. I'm writing it off to Artiphon having shipping issues internally and being overwhelmed with support tickets as a result.

Just want to say that I got my Orbas last night!! Mind you, not with the T-shirts that I wanted with the package as well, so, at least the important parts arrived. And yes, they are a blast to play with. if you haven't got them yet, shoot another polite yet firm email and you'll get the response. I was supposed to get these back in November, so yes, very much delayed but worth it. :)

Hey @Justin, glad to hear your Orba landed safe and sound. :) We'll be keeping our backers in the loop with the progress on the tees and totes. We appreciate your patience.

Currently if one were to click on the Orba on Artiphon's website one would see: "Supply is limited. Order now from the next batch scheduled to ship on 3/15".

.. Gee... I wish I had known that when I ordered in Feb. instead I am notified in an order confirmation that orders ship ~2 weeks after ordering. Then a week and a half later I receive another email about orders shipping in the second week of March.

-Come on Artiphon, don't do this to people. Be up front if you don't know the shipping dates. People would rather know what they are getting into rather than being strung along.

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