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Received the Orba, wont turn on after firmware update

The Orba arrived this morning, I was able to play with it for a bit before downloading the IOS app and being told to update the firmware. I did and after it completed the Orba will no longer turn on. 

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I was able to revive it by updating the firmware on a Mac instead of windows.!

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I honestly don't know how I got it to work, but I ended up unplugging all connected devices and peripherals from my iMac, just to be sure, then contorted my hand to hold down the power button on the Orba, as I held down the shift button on the qwerty while clicking on the firmware update icon in the desktop app. 

Even so, it failed the firmware update, as I continued to hold down the shift and power, though as it was running through a cycle for the first time today, I figured at least the Orba wasn't dead. Then, I did the straightforward firmware update holding down the shift, and it finally had success. 

I think in the end, the app was crashing because of the failed updates earlier - which I still cannot figure out. Moreover, it could be that simply holding down the power button that long helped to reset it (not the combo of power and volume + or -), though whatever the contorted effort, it seemed I definitely had to have the Orba's power engaged, while clicking shift and then the firmware update. 

But it shows up now as updated and working. Nothing personal, but I hope my little stay here is done : ) 

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Addendum: I just went to watch tutorials via the desktop app, and when closing it unexpectedly quit. At least on my system, the Orba app has issues. 

Windows 10 Orba app. I received my yesterday. Played with it a bit then downloaded the Orba app. Attached the Orba via USB and opened the app. I was told to update the firmware. So I did. Now the Orba is not turning on and is not recognized by the Orba app. Now reading others have had a similar issue. I have a Mac at work and will try the iOS version tomorrow. Any help will be appreciated.

My ORBA is turn it dark too. Use Win10, try to update but failed with error. Then ORBA no response push any button. I want to know how to turn it back on.
You can force a reset by holding down the power and volume buttons at the same time for five seconds.

My Obra is turn it dark too with windows10 app when I tried to update and its failed. 

I try to reset by holding down the power and volume(-) buttons. It seems to be powered off. Then I hold power key and it wake up with its device name 'STM Device in DFU mode'. 

But I cannot update firmare via shift key + click on obra app yet. App said 'An error occured during the firmware update'. 

Is there any way to resume my obra? 

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mine is completely bricked after trying to update the firmware on windows. it should be fully charged, although led is completely dead now. pressing the power button or power+either volume buttons will cause nothing. shift+clicking cloud icon on app will just display the error. sounds like windows users are trapped, while people who have mac can restore. hoping to see the fix on windows asap.

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and I can see my plugged obra on device manager as "STM32 Bootloader". good to confirm it's not completely bricked, at least.

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I was able to un-brick my Orba using the the Mac app. You need to plug it in and wait. There is definitely something wrong with the Windows version of the app. Good luck! Now off to make some noise. :)

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If Orba is unresponsive and opening the app settings and clicking on the cloud symbol next to "firmware update" does not work, it is worth trying that again. 

Another thing that can work is to:

Press and hold the volume down (-) and the power button for 15 seconds.

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I have the same problem. Plugged it in to a Windows 10 machine, tried to update firmware and I how have a lovely black paper weight. I've tried everything in this forum (except a Mac - I don't have one) and nothing has worked. I submitted a ticket so, hopefully, there will be a resolution soon.

Well, the good news, they updated the Kickstarter campaign and acknowledged some Orba are getting stuck in DFU mode.

The bad news, they advise doing all the things we already tried in this thread with a fairly limited number of successes.

Anybody hear from Ariphon support yet? 

I too received mine and tried to update the firmware - now I have a black desk ornament. I have tried everything listed to no avail. The resets do not work; I have a windows computer and no mac so I cannot just go use one of those. How do I contact someone to help? or use the Ticket form above. Jeremy from Artiphon posted a support article about this issue yesterday that's worth checking out first.

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