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Feature Request: Quantization

I thought posted but couldn't find my thread.  If it's a re-post, moderator feel free to delete.

I'm a music newbie here, but I do have a few Teenage Engineering pocket synths.  At present, it doesn't appear that the Orba quantizes natively, correct?  I can't always finger drum on beat and it's driving me nuts.

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Yes, currently Orba does not quantize. Quantization options are high up on our list of upcoming features.

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I concur

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I wonder how high on that list we find the android and windows app.

Without a stable bluetooth connection and without the possibility to save, load and export songs, the Orba is an - expensive - toy. A beautifully designed toy, though. Very sad that Artiphon doesn't get the software working properly after such a long time.

Any update on quantization? My finger drumming is... not very good. 

+1 on quantisation! still nr. 1 awaited feature IMHO. 

Be careful what you wish for. As it is, people complain about the 8 measure (32 beat) loop limit, or the fact that there is no support for 3/4 (6/8, etc.) looping, but it's not really a 32 beat (or 4/4) limit because Artiphon is not quantizing. One advantage that NOT quantizing has is that what's really happening is that the Orba is sampling 8 4/4 measures worth of events at whatever the current BPM happens to be. In fact, Orba doesn't care if you subdivide those 8 measures in three beats, four beats, five beats, seven beats, or whatever. So, you can actually decrease the BPM to 1/2 of whatever you want and fit two measures into every four beats or even more and fit 4 measures into every four beats. That would give you 16 or 32 measures respectively. You can fit triplets into 1 or 2 beats. You can fit 5 beats into each measure, or 7 beats. Orba doesn't care. Once Orba starts quantizing, these flexibilities go away. I agree that both the 8 4/4 measure limit and quantizing are issues that need to be dealt with, but they need to be dealt with smartly, or else we might end up losing some flexibility that we currently have.

Very true! I would not want to have it quantise -all the time-, I'd like to be able to turn in on and off, please ;)

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