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Orba Songs don't save and app terminology is ambiguous

I'm using the windows 10 app on a PC. This thing is a mess.

When I have some loops recorded (I know they are recorded because they will play) when I try to click "new song" in the app it will tell me there is already a song on the Orba and ask if I want to save the song to the app. No, I want to create a new slot into which I will take the song on the Orba, and put it in that slot.

Your use of "upload" makes no sense at all, because you use it for every direction. It is like the Simpsons skit where Smokey Bear asks who can prevent forest fires. You need to pick a direction, you don't upload to the orba and then upload from it. Your interface is unusable nonsense because I can't tell whether I am moving data from the orba to the PC or from the PC to the orba.

Same with the "import" button. What exactly is the difference between the "import" and "save" buttons? 

And the "overwrite" button suffers the same lack of context. Am I overwriting the song that is saved on the PC's hard drive, or am I overwriting the song that is currently in orba's memory?

Anyway, when I have a song that (from what I can tell) was supposed to be saved on the PC, and tell it to "load" it says that it is "uploading" and when it is completed, the orba has no loops on it.

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Exactly as explained above. In some cases some channels may have been saved. Usually nothing. Very frustrating not to be able to save my first creations.

Using the desktop app for Windows 10, fully updated. When I work on a song, everything seems to save properly. But if I switch between saved songs and play them, all the music data is gone. Also, when exporting to .wav or .mp4, not all channels can be heard.

I seem to be missing the 'save' button altogether



I am also missing the Save button that Dieter shows missing... tried it on multiple computers. Orba is running firmware 0.14.8  - App version 0.14.21

Help Please?


Yes, the Save button was removed in the last app update while Arne fixes a behaviour that was causing problems for some users; presumably it'll be back in 14.2.2, which with luck is fairly imminent.

3 weeks have passed and we even have an app update 0.14.27.

I would be much happier with a version 14.2.2 with which Arne really solves all problems. :-(

Having the same problem here. Saving in both the desktop program and the ios app both appear to be broken.

See the links in the two previous comments.

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Ah thank you
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