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Orba ordered in July

I still have not received it, and email update back in August said it was ready to be shipped from LA. I live in Oregon. Does it really take an entire month to ship?

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they all got $100 loans from us!! interest free! :(

 Loans? You mean free money. All of this is definitely a scam and I don't even think we'll ever get our money back.

you are probably right.. the worst part is they are seeing all these messages or someone is and not giving a F!

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I’m sure we’ll eventually get them. Just not confident it will be quickly.

Yeah, I was a backer on Kickstarter as well, all was good; I understood the pandemic would be delaying delivery, and was fine when giving the final delivery address. But now, it has taken so long, my circumstances have changed (because of said pandemic) and I'm moving countries. Does this mean I will never see my Orba??

Not happy...

I got mine!!!

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just read through the above messages and not encouraged at what i read.

I placed my order on 8/16/2020 with the "will ship in 30 days" message. 

Nothing yet. 

Disappointed in them as a company at this point. Will not recommend anyone doing business with them no matter how cool they thing their products are.

@Rafael Moreno is the chosen one!! Let us know how the other side is!

it is quite a nifty little machine, well worth the wait!

I’m in the same boat. Bought mine at the beginning of August and I don’t even have a tracking number yet.

This is the case for me, as well. No arrival, though an email this summer said it was about to be shipped.

Sorry for the repeat, so bottom line I'm missing order 7725974..the orba and travel case... ordered over 4 month now would just like to know were my money went ? OR were my Orba and case is. Maybe some kid got it in a different part of the world and is very happy with it today.:) still be nice to still know were or who got my order....
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