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Dude, where's my Orba?!

Hi all, I've been a backer since December and been eagerly waiting for my Orba! Unfortunately I still don't have the instrument in my hands. August 28th I received my tracking number, I regularly checked this for a few days to a week, and nothing was being updated. Naturally it went to the back of my mind and I'd not checked until YESTERDAY. Now this was a surprise when I seen a list of updates from Sept 8th & 9th stating it had been delivered and signed for with MyHermes being the courier. I'm in the UK and seeing MyHermes instantly gave a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach, they're known for being awful, leaving packages in bins and bushes etc. So not only did I have no notification of a delivery date let alone it had been delivered, I have now gone blissfully unaware for over a week that my orba has been so close to my possession. The only problem is, I have no idea where it is. There is no confirmation of who accepted my package or anything, oh I should mention that nobody was in the house during the time of delivery. There's been no note in the door or email, to say who has it. I've asked the neighbours and nothing. There's nothing on the signature link on the MyHermes site because during covid they're not taking any, so how the hell do they prove it?! Ive emailed Artiphon but just got the automated reply, and I'm not feeling too confident about getting a reply any time soon. I'm worried the driver has just left my parcel at the door and someone's just come and seen the not so inconspicuous logo on the packaging and stolen it. What on Earth do I do?

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 Hey Buddy I feel your pain, I too have been a backer since December and was really excited to hear that my Orba was on its way,  However this soon turned to anger and despair as I watched the tracking info for 14 days and then the courier didn't even try to deliver to my address (its a work address so someone is there all the time) saying there was a problem with the address. and then sent the parcel back to Artiphon!!!

Its been 27 days, ticket created no response from Artiphon... Not a happy chappie!

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