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New Orba App Available

New sounds, several bug fixes, and stability improvements are all in the latest version of the Orba app.

Get the app here:


macOS + Windows: Autoupdate in the app or visit 


New features:

Minimax preset bundle. Minimax is a minimalist set of four electro tones that work especially well for more sparse arrangements. You’ll find a preset for Drum, Bass, Chord, and Lead. We hope you enjoy them! 

Bug fixes:

There was some antivirus software that really had it out for our new app. We’ve now code-signed our firmware update utilities so antivirus software will not get in the way of your updates.

We’ve increased the size of the “Browse” tab so it is not covered by the notches on some mobile devices, for instance, iPhone X. Browse away.

We’ve fixed an animation glitch when changing views. Some users experienced issues with Orba going into firmware update mode (aka DFU mode), and their Orbas appeared to be “dead."

We’ve improved the firmware updating process by ensuring that all content is downloaded from the cloud before starting the firmware update. This should fix most of the issues, but please let us know if you’re experiencing any strange behavior.

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I cannot connect the Orba to the Iphone app, as it is not found. Firmware and app both updated, Orba is on and right next to the phone...

Enjoying the minimax! 

Bonjour est-ce qu'il y a d'autre son , instruments , sample que ceux de l'application ?
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