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Hi all

I try to assign different instrument to each Orba midi channel (10-9-16-1) on Ableton but it doesn't work.

Any idea or guide ? 

Thanks for your help

Based on the documentation on the Ableton Live session from the Downloads page, you need to turn on 'Channel-per- part' in the desktop app settings to make this work. However, having done this myself I am not seeing the input channels per instrument myself so I am also wondering how to get this going. Did you make any progress on this Eric?

Well I know this is about a year but in trying different things I have worked out to do it.

In the APP you do select " Channel per Part " and on Ableton Live 11 you select the channels in the drop downs that are associated to the sections on Orba but in the "MIDI From" leave it as "All Ins" and not Artiphon Orbs.

I have no idea why it doesn't work but if anyone has a reason why it only works in All Ins post it up but until then this is a work around 

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