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Instrument One faulty strings

My third string stays on all the time.  If I push it again it will stop for 3 seconds.  Plus, the 1st, 2nd, and 4th string also set it off.  Totally unplayable.  I’ve had my Instrument One for over 2-1/2 years, so I guess they wear out quickly.

PS:  current firmware updates made no change

(Sorry we keep crossing!) Yes, the I1 came with a single USB-to-miniUSB cable (and also an unusual Lightning-to-miniUSB for iOS); are you using a third-party cable? That may be the issue, though many third-party cables work fine. But if you're getting lights (steady, not moving?), that's encouraging and suggests the issue is on the Mac rather than the I1 or the cable. Next question: what are you using for a sound source on the Mac itself, and is the I1 showing up in that? (The desktop editor of course doesn't have built-in sounds.)

The Editor on mac doesn’t come with any sound to begin with, so it’s normal you don’t get any sound with just the editor. Did you succeed in restoring the firmware?

(I do wish Freshdesk let me quote the post I'm trying to reply to… Not Artiphon's fault.) So they've already offered a repair/replacement?

1.  Artiphon only shipped one cable, with a lightening end and none with usb, so I had to come up with my own cables for my Mac, but it’s working now and it’s updated.  The 3rd string still sticks and plays by itself.  No response from Artiphon other than to ask for a problem description.

Glad the Mac end of things is working, at least, even if it's not much use to you with the I1 in its current state; the firmware update was always a bit of a long shot for what you're surely right to have pegged as a hardware issue, but it's still useful to be able to rule out a firmware problem. The only thing I remember that sounded at all like this were a few early reports of the fingerboard rubber part-detaching from the sensor layer, but that was something that happened from the outset rather than after years of trouble-free playing. All sympathy; I hope Artiphon are at least able to figure out whether it's something repairable.

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